Beef Brisket & Red Wine Mushroom Pie

Beef Brisket Red Wine Mushroom Pie

Wine adds a richness and depth of flavour to slow-cooked meat, Beef Brisket Red Wine, and is a popular and versatile ingredient in any baker’s arsenal. 

Serving Size

Makes one large family size (26-28cm) pie


Pie filling 

2 tbsp olive oil
160g diced onions
360g mushrooms button raw
90g diced parsley
4 cloves minced garlic
4 sprigs picked thyme
2 sprigs rosemary picked and chopped
180ml red wine
750ml veal or chicken stock
360g tomatoes, peeled and diced
50ml malt vinegar
60g potato starch
5g white pepper
135g beef mince
10g salt
900g beef brisket diced (2.5cm)

Puff pastry

675g flour
20g salt
132.5g unsalted butter
20g white vinegar
305g water
500g unsalted butter for folding

Pie base

800g flour
300g unsalted butter
5.5g salt
125g water
17.5g vinegar


Heat the oil in a large heavy bottom pot over medium heat. Add mince and cook off stirring to break up. Ensure it is cooked off and completely separated (about 10 mins).

Remove from saucepan into a fine sieve saving the fat that drains. Add the fat that drains off back to saucepan and brown the cheek pieces in one layer at a time in this fat.

Remove cheeks, drain fat again. Using half the wine, deglaze pan.

Place cheeks into a bowl  pour wine over cheeks and set aside. Add fat back to pan, add onions and garlic, thyme and rosemary and sweat for about 10mins, add celery and sweat for 10 mins more.

Add the other half of the wine, half of the stock and the vinegar and let bubble for about five minutes.

Add tomatoes, the rest of the stock, cheek and red wine mix, mince, salt and pepper. Simmer over low heat for about 1.5hrs with lid on until meat is 3/4 cooked.

Add mushrooms and stir through, cook for about 10mins more. Mix potato starch with a 60ml cold water and stir through. Bring back to boil.

Remove to a container and refrigerate. Line pie tins with pastry and fill with cooled filling.

Brush edge of pastry with egg wash and top with puff pastry lid. Brush top with egg wash and bake in 200deg preheated oven for 30-45mins.

Mix the flour, butter No1 and salt on slow speed until it resembles sand (about 5 mins if using a mixer).

Add water and vinegar and bring together on slow speed (about 2 mins) until just mixed and leaving no lumps. Press into a rectangle and refrigerate overnight.

With a rolling pin beat the refrigerated butter for folding into a rectangle about half the size of the puff pastry rectangle.

This should leave the butter cold yet pliable. Do two single folds and rest overnight. Do two more single folds. ie. 4 folds in total, rest overnight again.

The next day roll out to about 4mm thick and cut into circles a little larger than the pie tin.

Dice butter into 1.5cm dice and toss with flour and salt. Pulse in processor until it resembles breadcrumbs and no butter lumps are left. Mix water and vinegar together.

Add this to the flour butter and pulse a couple of times until a dough forms. Divide in 2 and press into a couple of round disc about 2 cm thick wrap in plastic and refrigerate overnight.

Let come to room temp for about 20 mins, roll out until about 4mm thick. Cut into circles about 1cm larger than the pie tins. Line tins.

Recipe courtesy of Bourke Street Bakery.

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