New French flair patisserie opens in Ballarat

New French flair patisserie opens in Ballarat

La Miette Patisserie is the newest addition to Golden Point serving up a collection of delectable French style treats. Bakery owner and Pastry chef Jacinta Hogan has been searching for her perfect spot to open up shop and the previous café space was the one.

Jacinta acquired the space in November of 2022 and has spent her time, with the help of her partner, converting the dining space to a second kitchen and creating the perfect atmosphere for customers to dine in. She began her original business Edible Indulgence working out of home-based kitchens creating wedding cakes and other pastries and said leaping into a commercial space was an itch she had always wanted to scratch.

“I spent many years looking for a perfect aesthetic shop to work from to match the vibe I was wanting for when I opened a shopfront, and this place was perfect but didn’t have enough kitchen space for the volume of baking we do for the wholesale trade,” Jacinta said.

“I loved the look and feel of the small cafe that I took over as it has a large deck out to the side with a large established tree in the middle and this provides a beautiful atmosphere for customers.”

La Miette features a broad range of French style pastries. From the classic macaron to tangy lemon tarts, Jacinta has been honing her craft for years. As now the only patisserie in Ballarat her products are sure to fly off the counter and be popular with the locals, she even has a range of gluten-free options for people to choose from.

“I have developed a large range of gluten-free friendly products so the customers are loving that half of the dessert display is available for those with gluten intolerances, and you wouldn’t even know that they are gluten free unless I told you,” she said.

“We are the only patisserie in Ballarat and many of the products we are offering are not found anywhere else in [the area]. I wanted to differentiate my business from others here locally and be a destination for those with a sweet tooth.”

La Miette only opened on Thursday April 18, but they have already had great success with locals and have garnered waves of support both online and in store.

“People have been eagerly awaiting the opening of La Miette Patisserie since I took over this cafe space and they are all very excited for me that I have grown my business over the years. They can come get sweet treats and coffee on a whim without making direct orders for items.

“I’m excited to grow our range of products with new flavour combinations for traditional items and making more modern pastry items such as entremets, which many people have never tried before!”

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  1. Reb griffiths

    15 May

    Hi, it is my friend’s birthday on Monday and she LOVES French everything!
    I am wondering if I could order a French custard tard this late in the week for pick up monday morning. I would also love to order some morning tea snacks to please

  2. Frances

    16 May

    A most enjoyable morning tea with a friend.
    Where are the patisserie baked?

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