Kings Cross becomes bakery hot spot

Kings Cross becomes bakery hot spot

Sydney’s Kings Cross has long been associated with nightclubs, sex shops and strip clubs, but is now a bakery hot spot; more dominated by pastries and artisanal bread than red lights.

Alongside long-running bakeries like the Kings Cross Bakery, the Vietnamese Sun Hot Bakery and Croissant d’Or, a number of new bakeries and cafes are snapping up empty real estate, of which there is a glut.

May saw the opening of the first Sydney OMG! Decadent Donuts store just off the main strip, and a new Baked By Kieran store on nearby Elizabeth Bay Road.

Owner Kieran Mckay told that the area was changing rapidly in the wake of lockout laws.

“It’s becoming a real restaurant and food hub,” Mr Mckay said.

“It’s so densely populated and there are a lot of people here who want really good quality food, something a bit different to a normal bakery.

“But while people are keen for that, there are still the elements of the old Cross left.

We had a customer the other day on her phone talking business, and no one who overheard was left in any doubt what kind of business she was in!”

Opening on May 8, just in time for Mother’s Day, pastry chef and owner McKay offers his famous 72-hour sourdough, viennoiserie, sausage rolls, pies, canele, millefeuille, and sweet tart varieties.

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