Italian Pantry Launches Online Ordering System

Italian Pantry Launches Online Ordering System

Sydney Italian eatery, Criniti’s Ristorante, has launched Criniti’s Pantry, allowing customers to order cakes, biscotti, and pastries online for home, event, or office delivery, or as a special treat at their next Criniti’s function.

Twelve cakes, four Italian biscotti and four pastries are available for order.

The range includes Criniti’s famous profiterole cake with toffee or chocolate topping (pictured), Malato di Cioccolato, Pastini Mandorlatti and Amaretti by the kilo, and traditional Italian pastries such as Cannoli and Catocci.

Only 24 hours notice is needed to have a box of freshly baked Criniti’s product delivered. Delivery is free for orders more than $150.

First established in 2003 by husband and wife team, Frank and Rima Criniti, Criniti’s Ristorante has become a popular and iconic Italian hotspot that specialises in traditional southern Italian cuisine.

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