Is hot MILO better than cold? Australia decides

Is hot MILO better than cold? Australia decides

Is hot MILO better than cold MILO? The results are in on this fierce national debate as Australia decides by vote.

For two months, Australians have fought it out, debating whether drinking MILO hot or cold is best, then taking it to a vote. Cold has taken its place as winner, with 65 per cent of votes.

The discussion took the nation by storm as the equivalent of nearly one in four Australians got involved in 6 million interactions across social media, and ultimately, almost 90,000 people voting for #MILOTeamCold (58,199 votes) or #MILOTeamHot (31,388 votes).

Nestlé Dairy Business Manager Anna Stewart said the MILO team had been thrilled to see the campaign create a stir with Aussies and most importantly, unite Aussies in their love of the iconic choc-malt taste drink.

“While there is a clear Aussie favourite, and the results revealed some surprising twists, we couldn’t be happier to see people enjoying it both hot and cold, and seeing the passion for MILO as an iconic part of Australian life after all these generations,” Ms Stewart said.

The state divide was clear, with higher percentages in the northern states preferring their beverages cold, while the ACT was the only state to prefer hot MILO.

However, in the baking industry we tend to see MILO enjoyed in far more ways that simply hot or cold:

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