Gluten-free Sourdough May Help Coeliacs

Gluten-free Sourdough May Help Coeliacs

Incorporating sourdough into the early stages of a gluten-free diet may help reduce inflammation in the intestine for people with coeliac disease, according to preliminary data from Italy.

Scientists from the University of Bari have reported gluten-free sourdough products made from corn, rice and amaranth may reduce levels of pro-inflammatory market compounds like nitric oxide in the intestine by more than 30 per cent.

“Although preliminary, the results of this study suggested that sourdough fermentation for making gluten-free baked goods may enhance the rate of recovery of the mucosal injury of coeliac disease patients at the early stage of gluten-free diet,” scientists stated in the European Journal of Nutrition.

Furthermore, a review in the journal Food Microbiology on how gluten-free sourdough could help solve several health issues suggests food scientists need a detailed knowledge of the strains and starter cultures for each grain.

The global gluten-free market is currently worth around $2.6 billion, up from $1.5 billion in 2011.

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