Food Trend Alert

The next global food trend alert to hit Australia will be sprouted rye infused with sourdough.

In Puratos’ Global Taste Tomorrow Survey consumers were asked what makes bread healthy and tasty. 73 per cent said wholegrain/wholemeal makes better tasting healthy bread and 67 per cent think the same for sourdough. Today, consumers want authenticity and appreciate wholegrain as a healthy addition to their daily diet. As a baker, how do you then satisfy your customers’ needs quickly and be free from challenges?

Food Trend Alert

Puratos’ solution is Softgrain Sprouted Rye, a ready-to-use cooked (sprouted and fermented) rye infused with sourdough. It is easy to use, versatile and allows for differentiation. Consumers will love the outstanding freshness, unique flavours and the knowledge it is a
clean label.

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