Consumers Want To Be Healthier

Public campaigns highlighting the importance of a healthy lifestyle is giving rise to sub-groups of nutrient-conscious dieters – a trend affecting bakery sectors in Australia, New Zealand and China.

The Consumer Trends 2015 report by global market research company Mintel said health claims became increasingly important for consumers in 2014 and predicted the trend is set to grow significantly this year.

Specifically, paleo, vegan, organic, raw, the Dukan and the Atkins diets are predicted to grow in popularity, with consumers latching onto marketed ‘superfoods’, such as quinoa.

“In 2015, consumers will seek out natural options and local, seasonal produce will become more popular,” the report said, acknowledging Australians are buying 30 per cent more organic confectionery and snacks than two years ago, making the organic sector one of the top five industries nationally.

The research also found consumers are less trusting of big businesses and need to be assured they are not being mislead about sourcing or production processes.

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