Cadbury hits the mark again with crowd favourite

Cadbury hits the mark again with crowd favourite

It’s safe to say that during times of fear and uncertainty, Cadbury is in the wings waiting to swoop in and cheer customers up with a sadly-missed crowd favourite brought back to life.

During the New Year bushfires it was Caramilk that was there to provide sugar and comfort, and now, as the world is in the grips of a pandemic the likes of which most people have never seen, Cadbury has again donned its cape and sent in the big guns. This time, it’s Marble.

Cadbury marketing director Paul Chatfield said it was a throwback to a much-loved block in uncertain times.

“Given the current climate, we’re glad to bring a little joy to those around the country who have been calling for us to bring back Cadbury Dairy Milk Marble,” he said.

“Cadbury has been providing Australians with a welcome treat for over 100 years, particularly during times of need.”

Marble’s return was announced by the company in a post on the 20,000 strong Bring Back Cadbury Marble Facebook page back in February.

“We have been absolutely blown away by the amount of support and love that you have for one of our classic flavours,” the post read.

“Please be assured that every plea, petition and comment has been heard – and we have been working hard to bring back what you want.”

The new bar also comes with a slight tweak to the company’s famous logo, appearing a little more cursive and finer than the old, while maintaining the familiar purple packaging and glass-and-a-half logo.

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