TV presenter turns idol into horror cake

TV presenter turns idol into horror cake

Okay, so we have covered COVID-19 lockdown baking fails, but this one featuring a TV presenter who turned her idol into a horror cake deserves a special mention.

New Zealand presenter Laura Daniel decided to get in on the iso-baking craze, but rather than attempting a basic banana bread like everyone else (no that banana bread is always without difficulty), Daniel decided to aim high and sculpture a cake version of New Zealand Prime Minister, Jacinda Ardern.

You can tell that it’s supposed to be the popular leader based solely on the fact her recent biography, “The Story Behind An Extraordinary Leader,” is propped up behind the monstrosity, but otherwise, well, the picture really speaks for itself.

A blob of cake on a plate is covered with runny, yet lumpy white icing, with goggly blue eyes protruding, slick red lips, and shiny, black (liquorice?) strap hair. Perhaps most unsettling though, is the human looking teeth that could definitely possibly be someone’s dentures.

Daniel uploaded a photo of the spectacular failure to her Instagram account, where she apologised to Ardern.

“They say don’t bake your heroes. But I wanted to try anyway,” she wrote in the caption on the post.

She even tagged Ardern in the post, saying she was “deeply sorry.”
“I truly tried my best with what I had available.”
The hilarious post attracted a lot of attention with thousands of likes and hundreds of amused comments.
“This cake is totally something else, by far the most interesting post I’ve seen on Instagram today,” wrote one commenter.
“And those teeth.”
Ardern herself commented succinctly with a flushed-face emoji.
Daniel followed up with another post explaining the origin of the teeth, which perhaps makes the whole thing worse.
“For anyone wondering about the teeth on the cake… I impersonated Jacinda for a whole year on Television,” she explained.
“Of course I kept the teeth.”

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