Baking pies for gender equality

Gender equality movement Fck The Cupcakes (FTC) hosted an event last week to engage men in the topic of gender equality. Yeah The Pies was hosted in Sydney to help start and continue the conversation in male groups around gender equality.

Fck The Cupcakes’ motto is ‘Less icing. More action’ and aims to tackle the classic corporate International Women’s Day cupcakes that aren’t accompanied by the necessary conversations for gender equality.

FTC partnered with Paramount, Infinity Bakery and Bloke Coaching for the event which was hosted by MasterChef winner and mental health advocate Brent Draper and professional coach Iain Schmidt.

Over 60 men from the media industry baked pies and started conversations around gender equality, which was celebrated afterwards with a delicious pie afterparty. FTC founder Jasmin Bedir spoke to Little Black Book and said the event was a success but was just the beginning.

“The launch event was a humble attempt to pull an ongoing fun and meaningful program off the ground that brings men into the room on the topic of gender equality,” she said.

“The feedback we got was incredible—which confirmed that we are on the right track. We cannot wait for the next Yeah The Pies session, which we are planning for winter.”

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