Bakery receives backlash over ‘human ratR...

Bakery receives backlash over ‘human rat’ customers

When they installed their fluorescent “They see us bakin’ they hatin'” sign, the owners of this West Sussex Bakery probably didn’t imagine how true it would become, as they received backlash over their “human rat” customers.

LG Cafe in Arundel, West Sussex is a brightly decorated bakery selling cakes, coffee and other baked items through a take-away window during COVID lockdown, however owners George Johnson and Lily Trunfull have begun to receive abusive letters and comments criticising the customers their business attracts.

One such letter, apparently from “The Arundel Society”, states: “Your persistence for entirely commercial reasons in purveying takeaway unhealthy food is attracting the wrong type of people to our distinguished town.

“(There are) long queues down Tarrant Street, guided by your unauthorised pavement guides, of scantily clad maskless chavs with no social distancing at all, blocking the pavement for decent residents”.

LG Cafe addressed the issue in a Facebook post, saying, “At LG we believe in love & peace, that love brings more love… but over the last weeks and months we have come up against a small minority of Arundel Locals who do not share our values and beliefs.

“Looking down on people they feel below them with words like; human Rats & Scantily clad chavs! Posting hatred online and sending hate mail to us.

Making it clear that LG cafe and our amazing customers are below them and not who they think should be allowed in their town! We will never bow to xenophobia or hatred to be honest it makes us more determined and we love our customers whoever they are come on guys spread the love & let’s show these bigots that love will not be beaten by hate. At a time when the world should be coming together & helping each other whether in health, business or support this sort of negativity & abuse is needed less than ever…”

Police have been alerted to the letter and online messages, but George and Lily also used their products to hit back at the critics, making cupcakes with “Proud to be the wrong type of person” and “Proud to be a chav” on them.

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