Baa Victoria Welcomes New Leader

Baa Victoria Welcomes New Leader

4in the mixJohn Bowyer (pictured) is currently serving as the executive officer of the Baking Industry Association of Victoria (BIAV) – the Victorian arm of the Baking Associations of Australia (BAA).

ohn took over the reins in April, and says he’s looking forward to expanding the association’s member-base.

“The industry needs a strong voice like the BAA at the moment, because there are so many different kinds of regulations the government can put on the food industry,” John says.

“It’s important to have the expertise to expose or amend government regulations that just aren’t practical, as well as the resources to represent bakers in industrial relations matters.”

The BAA also hopes to use John’s experience in the baking industry to further strengthen ties with Victorian TAFE colleges and training centres.

“As part of the food industry training network, the association is a useful go-between body between bakers and the TAFE colleges, in terms of sharing information on the kinds of training new bakers need,” John says.

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