Adaptation? Bakers are nailing it!

In nature, survival of the fittest and adapting are key concepts. Without adaptation, you don’t make it, but these bakers are nailing it!

Nobody came into 2020 expecting to be where we are right now – stuck inside, under lockdown, not allowed to see friends and family, and hoping against all hope we don’t catch the awful virus at the centre of it all.

But there’s nothing like a drastic life change to force you to adapt, and here at Baking Business we’ve watched on with awe as the bakers, patissiers, and chocolatiers in our little community have taken the present challenges in their stride to adapt and overcome.

Here are just a few things different bakeries are doing to adapt to the new social distancing rules:

Adding essentials to their product range

Flour & Chocolate in Brisbane and Tin Pin Bakery in Bondi offer a wide range of essentials like flour, pasta, milks and granola on top of their standard bakery items, making them a one-stop-shop for anyone who needs to stock up on supplies but doesn’t want to risk the crowds and empty shelves of the big supermarkets. Candied Bakery in Melbourne is even selling toilet paper, if your bathroom situation is getting desperate!

Adaptation? Bakers are nailing it!  Adaptation? Bakers are nailing it!

Home delivery

Some businesses, such as Cakes ‘n’ Sh!t in Brisbane are offering delivery through services such as Uber Eats so you can still satisfy your sweet tooth and cravings for dirty messages without risking going out in public. Krofne doughnuts in Canberra are also offering home delivery, but for another reason. Krofne employs people with disabilities including down syndrome, which can make them more vulnerable to the adverse effects of COVID-19, so they’re working hard to protect their precious staff as well as the general public.

Adaptation? Bakers are nailing it!  Adaptation? Bakers are nailing it!

Phone orders

To reduce time spent in the shop, stores are encouraging phone ordering, so your goods can be packaged up and ready to go when you get there. Brooker Trading Co are one store doing this, and posting tantalising photos of their fresh sourdough hot cross buns to lure the customers in, while Bakehouse on Collins is encouraging you to phone in your pie orders!

Adaptation? Bakers are nailing it!  

Contactless car deliver

To expand on the idea of phoning orders through, other businesses, like Elmore Bakery and Guildford Town Bakery are offering contactless delivery of said-orders to customers’ cars, with mobile EFTPOS machines keeping any touching to a minimum.


Bake it yourself products

Here’s a novel idea! While par-baked or frozen products aren’t general placed on a pedestal by many professional bakers, coronavirus has re-introduced them as a legitimate offering. Luscious Kiki Cakes has frozen, bake it yourself cookie dough for sale, while Three Mills Bakery is offering bake-at-home chocolate croissants, meaning you don’t need to venture out too often for baked goods.


Drive-through service

Many bakeries and cafes have long had their finger on the pulse for this situation (although they never could have predicted this pandemic) for years, offering drive-through service. The Golden Nugget Bakery in Ballarat has two drive-through stores, and Banjo’s have opened in the Brisbane suburb of Darra with a drive-through. What was once super convenient for parents with sleeping babies in the car is now the gold-standard during a health crisis!


How have you adapted to these changing times and conditions?

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