Achieve consistent high-quality and efficiency

Achieve consistent high-quality and efficiency

Mackies is Australia’s most experienced designer and manufacturer of commercial baking pans and ancillary equipment. Mackies pans and trays are manufactured for maximum strength, achieve consistent high-quality,  highest accuracy and longest life. Their comprehensive range of stock items includes pan sets and covers, roll and bun trays, cooling racks and display stands.

Mackies custom designs bakeware equipment for special requirements. The custom designed bakeware gives you flexibility in the choice of size, shape, material, finish and a huge range of features and options. Hundreds of die shapes and sizes are available.

Millions of bread products have been baked in Mackies pans, not only in Australia, but all around the world. Mackies has been responsible for many innovations that have helped bake better quality bread more profitably.

Ever since Mackies started making bread pans in 1946, their purpose has been to provide quality bakeware and exceptional service based on a thorough understanding of their customers’ needs and objectives. Simply put, their philosophy is to understand your needs and your business.

An investment in Mackies bakeware and equipment is an investment in the best. Their experience and expertise helps you achieve consistently high-quality baked products and makes a significant contribution to your operating efficiency and profitability.

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