WOTIF Awards reveal best vanilla slice

WOTIF Awards reveal best vanilla slice

The Great Vanilla Slice Triumph Merbein might have been cancelled for a second year, but nothing stops Australians musing over who makes the best slice.

WOTIF’s annual Uniquely Aussie Awards uses reader feedback to determine where you can get the best jaffle, the best country pub, best hot chips and more travel-related bests, including best vanilla slice.

The Best Vanilla Slice finalists rolled in from all states and territories, but it was Victoria’s Bridgewater Bakehouse (Bridgewater on Loddon and Bendigo) that took out the top spot, with Wotif writing, “Melt-in-your-mouth goodness can be found at Bridgewater Bakehouse, with their famous vanilla slice offering the perfect ratio of silky-smooth custard and crisp (never soggy) pastry, topped with a ‘can’t help yourself’ layer of icing. Buy two because you won’t want to stop at one.”

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