We Love Our Lattes

Point of sale company, Square, analysed the sales of 1.5 million cups of coffee across Australia in the past 12 months to identify the nation’s favourite espresso beverages, the average price, and a state-by-state view of what’s being consumed. The results confirm Aussies are drinking more coffee than ever – and paying a high price for it.

Almost half of all Australians opt for a latte, with 20 per cent ordering flat whites, 12 per cent ordering cappuccinos, 5 per cent ordering long blacks and 4 per cent choosing espresso beverages. The remaining 16 per cent go for filter coffees, iced beverages, teas and chai lattes.

Black coffee in small cups is a trend on the rise, according to the report, which suggests Sydney drinkers get a jump-start on the day, picking up their first cup at 8am – 90 minutes prior to Melbournites.

When it comes to price, results vary depending on location, with the Northern Territory and Queensland at the steep end.

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