Unox UK carry oven up mountain for charity

Unox UK carry oven up mountain for charity

Pictured is the 25 team member from Unox UK. They all wear wet weather hiking gear and stand in a group on a rock. They are surrounded by dark grey clouds. The team are holding a black sign with white writing that says F**k Stigma on it. The missing letters in the word have been replaced by can image of crossed kitchen knives.

A 25-person strong team from Unox UK has achieved the incredible feat of carrying an oven up Ben Nevis in Scotland.

Dubbed the ‘Moving Mountains for Mental Health challenge’, it was the manufacturer’s latest fundraising activity in aid of The Burnt Chef Project, which helps provide mental health support and education for the hospitality industry.

The crew trained for months so they could successfully carry the 140kg oven up Britain’s highest mountain.

The team set off from the base of Ben Nevis in the early hours of June 29, and moved up the pony track at a speed of 1 mile per hour.

According to British Baker, the team worked together in rotating groups of six or eight to carry the Unox oven over the narrow paths, steep drops, gates, stiles and even multiple river crossings.

The team battled on for more than seven hours, eventually reaching 1100m above sea level. However, in addition to the challenging terrain the Unox UK crew had also been battling the elements.

Wet weather closed in and, with daylight running out, a decision was made by the guides and team to stop the climb due to safety concerns. They then began the seven hour descent back to the base.

More than £11,000 had been raised by the end of the day – a figure that was matched by the Italian parent company Unox S.p.A.

Unox UK managing director Scott Duncan said he was incredibly proud of every single person who helped them undertake the challenge.

“From those who scaled the mountain, carrying a full-sized combi-oven in every conceivable weather, to those who supported us with logistics, fabricated the frame used to carry the oven, and of course those who have sponsored and supported us,” he said to British Baker.

“Ultimately safety must come first and with the weather throwing everything at us, with the team managing injuries and time against us, the decision was made to stop.

“We also took inspiration from our friends at The Burnt Chef Project. Understanding the wellbeing of the team was significantly more important that reaching the summit.”


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