A new healthy spin on a tradie smoko classic

A new healthy spin on a tradie smoko classic

Hi pages—an online tradie marketplace—have partnered with Harry’s Café De Wheels to deliver the ‘Tradie Pie’. The nutritious new pie is a healthier option for tradies to eat during smoko with less carbs, more fibre and it’s packed with fresh Aussie sourced produce.

When Hi pages asked tradies about their diets when they were out and about on the tools, most spoke about speed and efficiency which triggered the development of the new pie. The positive alternative helps tradies get their daily intake of fibre and other nutritionally valuable requirements in one meal.

In a survey completed by Hi pages they found that nearly half (47 per cent) of tradies would gravitate towards fast food and other unhealthy alternatives. It also found that an overwhelming number (87 per cent) were open to trying a new food option that was cheap, fast and gave them the energy they need.

The pie’s nutritional benefits include:

  • Wholemeal pastry (the first in Harry’s 80-year history)
  • 45 per cent of recommended daily fibre intake
  • 40 per cent less carbs
  • 20 grams of protein per serve

In a comment from Ryan Pinto, an Advanced Sports Dietician from My Muscle Chef, he outlined the benefits of the pie and how it can help tradies from a meal perspective in a busy workday.

“Given the labour-intensive nature of a tradie’s day when on the tools, and the fact that 85 per cent have more energy when they are eating better, it’s so important to give your body the right fuel,” Ryan says.

“Having a protein-rich meal such as the Tradie Pie can help tradies stay fuller for longer and promote a faster recovery after a hard day’s work.”

The pies are available from Harry’s Cafe De Wheel’s stores throughout New South Wales.

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