Top patisserie trends for 2020 revealed

Top patisserie trends for 2020 revealed

New decade, who this? With the close of the year, and the beginning of a new decade, Brioche Pasquier managing director Olivier Ripoche has some predictions as to what patisserie trends 2020 will bring.

“For future trends we look to Paris and to shows like The Salon de la Patisserie at the Porte de Versailles for inspiration,” Mr Ripoche told British Baker.

“This show is a celebration of pastry invention and innovation, and demonstrates how the very best artisan patissers are drawing inspiration from the flavours and terroir of the French pastry scene.”

According to Mr Ripoche, nutty flavours, healthier bakes and mini desserts will be among the top patisserie trends in the New Year, with a firm push towards healthier pastries with less additives and sweeteners, cleaner recipes and low glycemic items.

We are certainly making advances in the area of cleaner recipes with fewer additives,” he said.

Brioche Pasquier also noted that while we will see a return of classics including apple pies, lemon tarts, and custard and millefeuille pastries, they have been given a modern makeover and were lighter on the butter and sugar content.

As well as being lighter, desserts will also get smaller, with petits fours making a comeback as a bite-sized dessert or treat alongside coffee.

They said that the small pastry trend also lends itself to sharing, as petits fours and macarons can be offered as a sweet canapé.

In terms of colour, it’s pink, pink and pink, with natural tints from berries and beetroot lending themselves to both trendy colour and the desire for healthier treats. We’ve already seen the emerging popularity of pink desserts in the ruby chocolate trend, which was unveiled by Barry Callebaut in 2017 and has taken off with the likes of KitKat creating ruby products.

Brioche Pasquier also predicted that nuts would be a favourite topping of choice, especially hazelnuts and pistachios.

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