There’s change in the air for patisserie

There’s change in the air for patisserie

My days are filled with creating and developing new products and concepts, and I’ve noticed a big change in how our products now look with glossy glaze.

Today we can purchase moulds in any shape with angles that have previously never been available. The standard cake shape is no longer as interesting as something that looks more natural in form and design. It is now possible to create rounded edges and cakes that replicate a stone shape with no corners. Some of these moulds are genius in design making them simple to assemble and easy to glossy glaze and finish.

It must be noted with most of these new moulds your product must be well-frozen to enable you to unmould it cleanly. Alternatively, you can use a blast freezer for a quick turnaround.

I find myself constantly testing glossy glazes to create one shinier than the last. A beautiful glossy glaze ensures you will impress most of your consumers before you even start decorating.

I am sharing with you one of my favourite shiny glazes. This one is a little bitter with the volume of cocoa powder, so it will match perfectly with something sweet or rich in chocolate. Keep in mind the product you are glazing must be faultless to ensure a perfect finish, as these glossy glazes tend to highlight any imperfections of the product underneath.

Chocolate Glaze

26g gold gelatine sheets

Bowl cold water for soaking the gelatine

250g  water

400g liquid glucose

40g neutral glaze

50g Callebaut Dutched Cocoa Powder 22-24 per cent

120g Callebaut Madagascar Couverture 66 per cent

Pre-soak the gelatine sheets in a bowl of cold water. Boil the water and the glucose together, add the neutral glossy glaze and cocoa powder and whisk constantly. Remove from the heat and add in the pre-soaked gelatine and pour over the couverture and emulsify with a stick blender. Pass through a sieve into a microwave proof bowl. Press plastic wrap into the surface of the glossy glaze.

Use at 35-40˚C. It is best to glaze the product when it is frozen.

Now we come to the garnishing. It is very in vogue to create what I like to call a forest floor effect. Lots of small individual elements are combined to create a look of different textures and colours. Multiple products are used such as marshmallow, mini meringue kisses, small chocolate curls, cubed jelly, pieces of caramel and, of course we can’t forget micro herbs.

You would assume all these elements put together would be busy and unappealing but somehow it works. This style of decoration is not limited to just cakes but also to desserts, éclairs, tarts and petit gateaux.

This new trend has been slowly creeping up on me and I have now embraced it wholeheartedly. Although this style creates a large volume of additional work creating all the individual pieces, I love it.

I hope it sticks around for a while before we move onto the next new concept. I will be demonstrating a cake in this style at the Cake Bake & Sweets show Melbourne in the Super theatre on October 23, 24 and 25.

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