The Value of Competition

Throughout history, Louis Lesaffre Cup competition has been the foundation of invention, innovation, development and improvement. The baking industry hasn’t been exempt.

In all walks of life, from business to sport, there are examples where strong competition has lain the groundwork for progress and development of things we take for granted today. One of the best is the development of the motor vehicle. If it weren’t for motor racing, we would find ourselves in very different circumstances in the areas of performance, safety and fuel efficiency.

Baking is no different. Many new aspects of technique and ingredients have come about as a result of development in the competition arena. The need to produce better quality in shorter time frames has projected equipment, ingredients and techniques to new and exciting levels.

As a nation, in competition baking we have been a little behind. Europe and, in more recent times Asia, has more clearly understood the competition to the baking industry and has utilised it to great effect in the forms of business promotion, people and product development.

Moving forward, we need to continue to develop this value of competitive culture here in Australia. We need to keep pace with the rest of the baking world and, more importantly, to ensure our presence and respect at a world level. This creates a smoother path for those who wish to work internationally.

Many international contacts and relationships have already been built, allowing for a number of Australian bakers to travel and work in bakeries and companies abroad. Southern Cross Baking Group will this year train and support the Australian Baking Team as it competes at the Louis Lesaffre Cup in Jakarta, Indonesia, for the chance to qualify for the Bakery World Cup in Paris in February 2016.

The Louis Lesaffre Cup, a world-class baking championship, will once again give us the opportunity to develop new skills, knowledge and leadership for the future of Australian baking. Once finished, team members will be asked to pass on those new skills and knowledge to others within the industry – new recipes, techniques and experience that would otherwise have stayed in the shadows.

The exciting inclusion of New South Wales baker John Reminis as the young bakery hopeful candidate for this edition of the Cup has allowed the team to help hone the skills and aspirations of the younger generation, creating the beginnings of a great foundation of leadership. This opportunity will continue to develop and give young bakers the chance to take the ‘next step’ in their professional and personal development.

This Australian Baking Team is proud to represent the industry and its very generous sponsors. We’ve already seen an increased level of support and it’s clear the team is bringing the industry together like never before. But we can never have too much support and I urge you to get on board as an industry partner, sponsor or supporter. Competition at the top level is rewarding for all involved, but it’s also expensive to do well. A stronger industry is a more prosperous industry for all.Any and all support is welcomed.

The team is using in-house state-of-theart photography and video to not only capture each moment of the journey, but to also maximise exposure for our partnering brands. Images and video will be available for sponsors to utilise and to promote their involvement with the team on social media and through the website.

Meet the Team

Brett Noy: Team Coach
Brett is the managing director of Uncle Bobs Bakery and Creative Crusts Baking Company, and is co-founder of the notfor- profit organisation Southern Cross Baking Group in Brisbane. He placed third in the Bakery Masters in Paris last March, before which he was the first Australian baker to be invited to judge at the world’s most prestigious baking competition, the Coupe du Monde del la Boulangerie. His greatest passion is to see knowledge shared and to empower others in baking to be able to achieve their goals.

Dean Tilden: Bread Candidate
Dean has been in the baking industry for 26 years, starting in a country bakery in Tenambit, in the Hunter Valley. From humble beginnings, he has competed in many local competitions and has dedicated his time to gaining knowledge, skills and expertise. Dean has been a teacher at Hunter TAFE since 2001 and has spent his career training competitors, and organising and judging state and national competitions, including Worldskills and Bakeskills.

Dean Gibson: Artistic Piece Candidate
A pioneer of the Australian pastry scene, Dean has been dedicated to the baking, patisserie, hotel and restaurant industry for almost 35 years. A teacher at Hunter TAFE, Dean has competed and judged pastry and baking competitions since 1995, including World Artisan Baking Cup Sigep, World Chocolate Masters and Coupe du Monde de la Patisserie. The cofounder of Team Pastry Australia, he has participated as a competitor, coach and manager and will use his experience to get this year’s team ready for action.

Ben has Lett: Viennoiserie Candidate
Ben’s baking career spans 14 years, during which he has developed his craft to become the respected instructor he is today. Ben is currently teaching advanced patisserie at Southbank College of Tourism and Hospitality in Queensland. He has been working in the baking industry since 2001 and has succeeded in both the baking and patisserie fields. His most recent achievements have come through national and state competitions.

John Reminis: Young Bakery Hopeful
John is the manager of award-winning bakery Bakehouse Delights in Nowra, NSW. Recently, John won the National World Skills Australia event, sending him on an international journey during which he will compete in New Zealand and Brazil. John has attained a high level of national experience and is eager to learn more about competing internationally. With a strong passion for both baking and learning, John is excited to be competing in the Louis Lessaffre Cup for Australia, with a view to bring back skills and knowledge from the world stage.

The Louis Lesaffre Cup

This event is the precursor to the most prestigious bakery competitions currently on the world circuit, launching the journey to the Coupe du Monde de la Boulangerie and to the Bakery Masters. For every edition, the cup counts up to 40 participating countries and thousands of candidates

Back for its fourth edition and with new challenges devised for even the most seasoned bakers, this Louis Lesaffre Cup will focus on mastery of international baking and the candidate’s capacity for innovation. More than ever, teams must draw on their know-how and creativity. They must also show an openness of spirit and ability to adapt, creating recipes that may well mark the history of bakery.

As part of the Asia Pacific zone, the Aussie boys will go head-to-head against teams from China, South Korea, Indonesia and Vietnam in Jakarta from November 11-14. All but two teams will be knocked out of the competition.

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