Pour Over Coffee

Get ahead of hipster oneupmanshipby checking out pour-over coffee, a Japanese method that’s gaining ground among the café culture’s elite.

One of the gentlest ways to brew, pour over coffee is known for its clarity of flavour, and its refined and well-rounded overall character.

V60 Pour Over
Produced by Hario in Japan, the V60 pour over is another easily achieved, filter, brewing method that will produce a clean cup of coffee. This pour over cone comes in a few shapes and sizes with models made of plastic, ceramic, metal, or glass.


Medium-fine grind (14g)

Brewing Time

2-2½ mins


• 1 cup V60 pour over
• 1 cup V60 paper filter
• Pouring kettle• Scales
• Your favourite mug
• Water (200ml)
• Fresh coffee (14g)


Fold the filter paper and insert into your pour over. Place it over your mug and pre-wet the filter as well as warm your brewer.

Tip the hot water out of your mug, measure out and grind your coffee and add it to the filter. Give it a shake so it sits flat and even in the filter.

Using the pouring kettle, add around 20ml of water just enough to saturate the coffee without it dripping through.

Let it sit for 30 seconds before adding more water. Pour in small, slow circles, until you have used all your 200ml.

It should take just more than 2 minutes for the brew to pour through. If it takes too long and your coffee is bitter grind it coarser, if it takes less time and your coffee lacks flavour grind finer.

The Specialty Coffee Book Victoria published by Smudge Publishing 2014www.smudgepub.com.au

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