Sydney’s Food Truck Trial Rolls On

The City of Sydney has announced plans to extend its food trucks trial until March 2014, giving vendors an additional year of trade.

Research conducted by the City of Sydney suggests the food trucks have had a positive influence on the city, with some customers travelling kilometres to find them.

the assessment of the food truck initiative saw independent consultants interviewing more than 400 people and conducting observational studies at food truck locations. the research yielded very positive results, with 98 per cent of people surveyed supporting the initiative.

Lord Mayor Clover Moore said the research demonstrates how food trucks have become a welcomed part of night-time culture.

“they’ve created their own community and brought new life and new business to the city,” she said.

the truck’s peak trading hours are between 9pm and midnight, when most of Sydney’s traditional food retailers are closed.

there are currently nine licensed food truck operators in Sydney, including Bite Size delights – a mobile service that bakes savoury Maltese pastries on-site.

Bite Size delights owner Peter Saad said Sydneysiders have embraced the concept.

“Business is really good and has enabled us to produce and sell up to 15 varieties of pastizzi from the van and we hope to be able to hold on to the licence for a while to come,” he said.

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