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Sunshine Coast, QLD to the Great Ocean Road, Vic -Seaside Bakeries

From the warm waters of the Sunshine Coast to the breathtaking views on the Great Ocean Road, these seaside bakeries line the shores of some of our best-loved seaside destinations.

Holiday season is a busy time for seaside bakeries thanks to our love of a good flaky pie and the swarm of tourists drawn to our beautiful beaches each year. With freshly caught seafood, salty air and a laidback vibe, seaside bakeries have perfected scallop pasties, reef and beef pies, and sweet treats that go hand-in-hand with sweet holiday memories.

Here, Baking Business shares a holiday snapshot of some of the best seaside bakeries around Australia, ready to take your order.

Rick’s Artisan Pies & Sourdough – Noosaville, Queensland

This father-and-son team at Rick’s have their flour imported from France and use reverse osmosis to create the perfect sourdough, proving this duo takes its daily bread seriously.

After years of travel and perfecting their recipes, they’ve managed to turn the classic meat pie into a five-star restaurant dish wrapped in pastry – the angus and béarnaise pie with pan-fried mushrooms and cheddar is just one example.

Rick’s is just a skip away from the beach in Noosaville (the less touristy version of Noosa) located on Queensland’s Sunshine Coast. The pork, Sunshine Coast chorizo and caramelised onion roll keeps the locals coming back for more and, in addition to their artisan pies and rolls, they have gourmet baked treats and, of course, their famous sourdough.

Daci & Daci Bakers – Hobart, TAS

Situated near the port in Hobart is Daci & Daci Bakers. When you step inside you’ll feel as though you’ve stepped into a classic French patisserie. The focus here is on classic techniques using high-end, quality ingredients, with products lining their displays like prized pieces of artwork.

With all their products made from scratch in-house, Daci & Daci Bakers is an opulent destination for all things sweet and savoury.Founded in 2011, Daci & Daci Bakers is part dining and part retail – ideal for taking home provisions, bread and sweet treats. If you have the time, stay and become immersed in the surroundings, which more resemble a trendy metropolitan bakery in Europe than little old Hobart.

Using local Tasmanian dairy, meats and greens along with free-range eggs, which all feature on their lunch menu, they proudly support the famous quality of Tasmanian produce in and among their creations.

Try the smoked salmon, caramelised onion and spinach tart or hazelnut dacquoise – roasted hazelnut meringue sponge, dark chocolate and whipped praline buttercream.

Iggy’s Bread – Bronte Beach, NSW

Don’t let the basic shopfront fool you; Iggy’s Bread staples are sold out before 11am, so best to get in early if you want to try their naturally leavened sourdough and rye breads.

Yugoslavian-born Igor and Ludmilla Ivanovic have been baking bread in Australia since 2008, having now perfected staples thanks to their Boston starter mixing with salty sea air.

There is an international flair to the shop with fincelle (a French-style bread perfect for dipping) and their kalamata and green olive rolls and Iggy says their longer proofing times, not only means well-rested bakers, but an increase of floral flavours within their doughs. Loved by locals, Iggy supplies fresh bread daily to their infamous neighbours, Three Blue Ducks restaurant.

Miami Bakehouse – Falcon, WA

Miami Bakehouse is well known to the Aussies on the west coast with locations in Perth and Mandurah, including their drive-through bakehouse in Myalup. Locals swear the Falcon store is the best though, with plenty of cakes and their multi-award winning pies on display. The lamb curry pie is a must and if you’re holidaying with the little ones, they have family sized pies too! What they do well is the hype around their ‘pie of the week’, with their Facebook followers eagerly awaiting this announcement every Monday.


Parap Bakery – Darwin, NT

Hailed Darwin’s favourite Sunshine Coast seaside bakery by the locals, this boutique bakery has been located in the heart of Parap for 21 years. With a delicious range of award-winning baked goods including cakes, savoury pies, breads and even pizzas, if you’re lucky enough to discover this bakery while on holidays, it’s one you won’t forget any time soon.

Run by Owner, Michele and head baker and pastry chef, Darcy, Parap is well known in the region as the place to meet for a coffee and cake with friends, or a sweet treat after school. They also do catering for local events and businesses.

5B2f Bakehouse – Gold Coast, QLD

When one of the Gold Coast’s most renowned pastry chefs opens a flagship shop, you head immediately in this direction. Moonsun Yoo’s 5B2F Bakehouse at Chirn Park is a boutique bakery filled with woodfired sourdough, hot pies, sausage rolls and cronuts.  The name 5B2F stands for ‘five bread, two fish’ and is a must visit on your seaside bakery tour. Whether you prefer sweet French pastries or flaky savoury favourites with your latté, Moonsun has you covered.

It’s worth timing your visit for Thursday to Saturday as he serves a breakfast special of scrambled eggs and fresh Australian black truffles served on top of brioche bread, slathered with walnut butter and a side of asparagus.

Dana Patisserie – Balaclava, VIC

Dana Patisserie is a 100 per cent vegetarian, family-run pastry and cake store in the St Kilda East area. Each day their bakers mould, knead and bake sourdough, buttery cakes, Rugalach, Danish pastries, croissants, and some adventurous puff pastry with yamm fillings and Challah.

Baking without preservatives or artificial ingredients, they’re extremely popular among the locals. You can’t walk past the store without noticing the smell of cinnamon, toasted almonds, croissants and pastries inviting you in. We suggest grabbing a coffee éclair and sweet ricotta Danish before hopping on the nearby tram heading straight to St Kilda beach.

Apollo Bay Bakery – Apollo Bay, VIC

While heading down the Great Ocean Road you’ll come across Apollo Bay Bakery. While crowded on weekends, it’s worth the wait to catch their speciality scallop pie, which is available in two flavours (curry leek and mornay) and packed with up to five scallops per pie. If you’ve never tried a scallop pie by the ocean, this is the perfect place to start. Get your pastry goodies to go and sit on the beach taking it all in – although it’s wise to mind the seagulls as they also appreciate a good scallop pie!

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