Sponsors needed as chocolatier floats ambitious pr...

Sponsors needed as chocolatier floats ambitious project

Renowned chocolatier, Dean Gibson, has floated an ambitious new project following the success of previous attempts to revolutionise chocolate creations.

In 2016 Dean Gibson, Jon Pryer and Shane Williams set about to create new techniques and systems for design, manufacturing and building complex chocolate sculptures by collaboration between industrial design and chocolate making.

This concept was called BONE SHAKER, a fully automated 120kg chocolate sculpture using technologies never used before for chocolate making such as C&C routing, chainsaw, 3D printing moulds, wood lathe and wood working tools.

In 2018 the Bone Shaker team and illustrator Gwynneth Jones created THE RAVENS VOYAGE, a Viking themed automaton chocolate sculpture and illustrated zine’, a tribute to the Danish and boat building heritage of Dean and Jon. This work was built in public over several months in the shopfront of the culinary school of The Creative Ingredient and its completion live streamed. Again, unique dramatic mechanical movement in an all chocolate sculpture was a key part to the ambition of the project and the precursor of an attempt to establish a world record for mechanical chocolate sculpture.

Now, the team would like to present to you a very exciting marketing opportunity to be a sponsor for IRON SHARK 2022. This is to be presented to industry and media to set a world record for the largest chocolate sculpture with the most moving parts.

To undertake such a big task Dean approached fellow team member and mentor Jian Yao, of Continental Patisserie to join the project. Jian and Dean have worked together for over a decade with numerous formations of Team Pastry Australia.


IRON SHARK is the vision of Dean Gibson–Chocolatier, Jon Pryer–Industrial Designer, Jian Yao–Project/Team Manager, Shane Williams–Videographer/Photographer and Vanessa Anton-Graphic Designer/Promotion.

The Iron Shark is the imagineering of a 19th century submarine in the style of the science fiction of Jules Verne, Edgar Allan Poe and H. G. Wells.

This chocolate time machine takes us back to a world where steam was the new punk and the Nautilus roamed the imagination. We see the Iron Shark nearing completion of the slipway of some industrious maritime port with her inner workings exposed like a museum cross sectional model.

Gears, pistons and cams which impart propulsion, for a voyage of exploration into the uncharted deep, coil and reciprocate in anticipation of the launch. Only the figures of workers going about their challenging tasks give life to the vast scale of this submarine leviathan.


• Exposure of your company/brand (i.e. logo) and product to the Australian and International Patisserie Industries.

• Where possible and appropriate, support of your company products/brand used in creation of the project.

• Signage on all our correspondence and media.

• Continual captured updates of progress sessions with both video and still photography.

• Social media and website page created to promote the project and your support.

• Mention of your company/brand in any interviews or television appearances where possible.

• Final video of the completed project will be available for you to share.

• And finally you get the satisfaction of putting support back into our industry.

Contact Dean Gibson for more information.

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