South Australian Seminar Discusses Grain And Flour

South Australian Seminar Discusses Grain And Flour

The Baking Industry Association of South Australia (BIASA) Grain/Flour Seminar was held at Regency TAFE in May.

The seminar targeted the artisan/sourdough bread varieties and the range of flours and grains that could be used in production.

According to BIASA executive officer, Lex Brown, those who attended found the seminar to be useful and informative and gave them more areas to explore on a variety of breads for their own businesses.

Ingredient and equipment companies presented the latest trends to bakers at the seminar. Four Leaf Milling Company’s Rosemary Dunn gave a presentation on the range of grains and flours they now have available. Van Rooy Machinery’s Duncan Black and his team demonstrated their machinery, which is designed for the production of artisan breads. Soy Products Australia’s Paul Smith briefed the attendees on their speciality range and how it can be utilised in bread production.

Also, Laucke Flour Mills’ Mark Laucke gave a “very informative” presentation on their range of speciality flours and grains that can be used.

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