Sourdough pizza

Puratos Recipe

Using traditional fermentation process, Puratos’ new ready-to-use sourdoughs are made in Australia and enable bakers to create their very own, authentic signature breads. 


Provenance Lancer Wheat Flour 900g
Semolina flour 100g
Water 650g
Sapore Attila Tempo 100g
Salt 20g
Olive oil 40g
O-tentic Durum 40g
Total Dough 1850g


Mixing: 3 minutes slow and 6 minutes fast. Save 2% water for fast speed and add more as required. Dough temperature 24-26°C.

Scaling: make 250g round

Bulk fermentation overnight at 5°C.

Make up: take out of cool room, let rest 10-20 minutes covered at ambient temperature. Use semolina on the bench and stretch in round shape. Keep some thickness on the edges.

Final fermentation: 15 minutes

Decoration: spread tomato paste and toppings on pizza base

Baking: 6-8 minutes at 280°C in deck oven, with little steam

Recipe courtesy of Puratos.

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