Selmi Oneshot Moulding Line

Tuttuno Oneshot is a simultaneous dispensing machine designed to produce, in a single operation, filled products including pralines on polycarbonate moulds, boules, eggs and products with specific features. The machine injects chocolate and fillings at different times and variations to your requirements, simultaneously creating the outer chocolate coating and the filling of the praline. The tempering unit, located behind the machine, provides a continuous feed of chocolate by means of a recirculation pump. The filling is dispensed via the temperature-controlled hopper on the machine head or via continuous feed from the tempering machine located on the side.

Tuttuno, when combined with the vertical cooling tunnel SPIDER, has the advantage of being compact, designed for workshops with limited space and the need for continuous cooling. The SPIDER can contain more than 120 moulds. The column spiral has an inclination of 1 per cent, which gives a planar result for even distribution of chocolate in the moulds. The internal cooling temperature is set via simple controls on a touch screen, also allowing the operator to centrally control all the functionality.

The automatic demoulder adds high performance and efficiency to the line. It has a productivity of four moulds per minute. It automatically demoulds the pralines or bars upon exiting the SPIDER onto a mat that can feed wrapping machines or onto a rigid support whilst avoiding the need for manual intervention from the operator.

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