Science and innovation a key focus of ABS conferen...

Science and innovation a key focus of ABS conference

The Australian Society of Baking (ASB) end-of-year ABS conference hosted a number of thought-provoking speakers on topics such as problems arising because of the increasing trend of gluten-free diets, the future of the retail industry in Australia, enzyme technology, and yeast science.

The first speaker of the day, Imran Ibrahim from Intralox, gave an introduction to the Intralox conveyor systems and their application in the baking industry. Audiences seemed impressed by the number of solutions available.

Next was Professor Peter Gibson who spoke about eating for better health, busting some of the myths associated with modern diets and discussing the increasing number of reported gluten intolerances. He argued the baking industry is under a threat from a range of fad diet philosophies, many of which eliminate gluten. Professor Gibson discussed an app developed by his team at Monash University to help those on a FODMAP diet discover which foods are FODMAP friendly.

Another speaker on the topic of gluten was Dr John Williams who outlined the problems with wheat production and that wheat gluten avoidance is a problem for both consumers and farmers. He argued gluten overload is a major problem, with rapid dough methods reducing integral fermentation times, as well as manufacturers adding gluten as it enhances products and helps protect against pests.

Luca De Loroso gave an inspiring and lighthearted presentation about Della Rosa, a pizza company founded by his father. The Della Rosa story started in Luca’s grandmother’s house and is now a large-scale production in Australia, with product being exported overseas as well. Luca gave insight into how to build your business, as well as tips on how to expand, including to overseas markets. One of his points on this was to give your business a point of difference and in Della Rosa’s instance, this means focusing on quality and service.

Retail expert Russel Zimmerman spoke after Luca about how the retail market has changed in the last five years and the importance of looking at your business and asking yourself where the opportunities for growth are. He said one thing all business owners should adapt is EFTPOS machines with paypass facilities and click and collect where possible. His take home messages were if your service isn’t convenient, people won’t buy from you, and to offer good value for money, which can include high-end products.

Two of the more technical presentations of the day were from Michael Brennan from Novozymes and Dr Jacinthe Cote from Lallemand Bio-Ingredients, France. Michael explained how enzymes can greatly improve bakery products, particularly bread, and Dr Cote gave an overview of Lallemand where she is a scientific advisor, and projects the team at Lallemand are working on.

All of the speakers gave interesting and valuable presentations that no doubt provided ASB members with some food for thought.

Regional bakers recognised

The Australian Society of Baking, in conjunction with EOI, awarded eight talented regional bakers with regional scholarships, and a further 12 bakers with certificates of excellence. At an opulent Chairman’s dinner after the end of year ABS conference, the winners were announced.

Winners of the regional scholarships:

Arthur E Denison Trophy
Cherrie Wilson, Dolcettini Patisserie, NSW

Runners up:
Nicole Jones – The Red Mill Bakehouse, SA

Brandon Edwards – Cygnet Wood fired Bakehouse, Tasmania

Tracey McIntosh – Winnelle Café, NT

Sydney J Packham Baking Industry Medal
Eliza Moore, Johnny Baker, Castlemaine, Victoria

Runners up:
Kerri Stratton, Bici Espresso, SA

Tiffany Davies, Crust at the Fishwick Markets, ACT

Amie Stewart, Westbrook on the Rise, Toowoomba, QLD

All regional winners met up in Melbourne on October 23 for their five-day scholarship adventure, which included two full days visiting bakeries, production facilities and patisseries, one full day at the ABS conference, a cocktail function and attendance at the ASB’s black tie chairman’s dinner.

Certificates of excellence were also awarded to:
Arthur E Denison Trophy

Lisa Bovill, Oxford St Bakery, QLD

Luke Farrell, Bakers Delight, VIC

Jamie Davey, Orange Spot Bakery, SA

Wei Yeong Wong, Jean Pierre Patisserie, Townsville, QLD

Kylie Houghton, Melbourne Polytechnic, VIC

Donna Elton, RFG, Southport, QLD

Emily Burrows, Anvers Confectionary, TAS

Tai Ley Ling, Panorama Hot Bread, Bathurst, NSW

Sydney J Packham Baking Industry Medal
Kayla Kelly, Buddha’s Bakehouse, Townsville, QLD

Callum Finglas, Madders Bros Patisserie, QLD

Matthew Williams, Orange Spot Bakery, SA

Madison Moses, Sonoma Bakery, NSW

Cherrie Wilson and Eliza Moore have won a trip to France next year, including a tour of Paris and the Lesaffre training facility.

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