Retro cake decorating makes a comeback

Retro cake decorating makes a comeback

Cake decorators are taking over social media platforms with retro cakes decorated with countless rows of pastel frosting, fit for a royal banquet or wedding party. After years of the ‘naked cake‘ minimalist trend, sponge cake, piping and loads of buttercream are now being celebrated.

Cakes reminiscent of the 1950s to ’80s are on the rise, and consumer research shows people became nostalgic during the pandemic, revisiting traditional patisserie recipes, but also traditional patisserie designs.

The report said that slightly kitschy cakes packed with buttercream piping, ruffles, garlands and scalloped edges, and decorated with edible pearls, cherubs, swans and maraschino cherries, are meant to invoke full dramatic effect. It will therefore come as no surprise that a lot of the bakers behind those creations have a background in fashion, art or design. Likewise, the fashion world is going crazy over the designs. Major fashion companies such as Burberry, Rixo, H&M, and Vogue have already done collaborations with retro bakers such as Hebe Konditori and April’s Baker (London).

“A lot of the piping on our cakes reflects embroidery, patterns and prints, as well as statement colours, whether they are pastels or bold shades”, says Roxy Mankoo from April’s Baker in an interview with Vogue.

With the influence of social media, the visual properties of bread, cakes and chocolate have become an ever more important part of the flavour experience and purchase considerations. The delicately iced retro cakes with old-timey ruffles and mounds of soft pink buttercream play right into those considerations: lavish piping decorations practically spell out ‘indulgence’.


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