Queensland Concerns for QLD Christmas Eve

Queensland Concerns for QLD Christmas Eve

Queensland small businesses are concerned after the state government revealed plans to make Christmas Eve a part-day public holiday in Queensland.

National Retail Association (NRA) CEO, Dominique Lamb said the announcement is in contrast to a recommendation in the Mickel Report into trading hours and is filled with consequences for small business owners.

“This announcement has really come from nowhere and flies in the face of a recommendation in the most recent report into trading hours, compiled by former Labor Minister John Mickel,” Ms Lamb said.

“There are numerous consequences that could flow from this, none of which are good.

“Small retailers may opt to pass on the extra costs via higher prices that hurt consumers or some may decide to simply not open due to it being uneconomical.

“The Government has opened a consultation period, but we’re skeptical of how genuine this is given how strongly they’ve already nailed their colours to the mast.

“The retailers who will be hurt most by this are not large multi-nationals, but mum-and-dad small business owners who work ridiculous hours just to make ends meet.

“These small retail outlets also rely on the Christmas trade period to support their operation during more lean times of the year.

“We strongly urge Minister Grace to reconsider this announcement and listen to the concerns of small business.”

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