Paneton Bakery Case Study

Paneton Bakery Case Study

The first French bakery in New Zealand to produce a top-quality, pure butter croissant, raw and frozen for customers to proof and bake in their own homes, Paneton Bakery is at the forefront of innovation and leads the market for premium quality bakery and bread products.

With their bakery operating 24 hours a day, and demand for supply of their un-proofed, frozen croissants increasing, Paneton Bakery have recently installed the Irinox Bakery Day System from SKOPE Refrigeration. This is only one of a dozen installed worldwide and has transformed their baking capacity.

The Irinox Bakery Day System allows proofing and retarding, ensuring the croissants and other products hold their temperature and shape before they are blast frozen. The Bakery Day System allows Paneton to guarantee the products’ consistency, whether short- or large-scale production run, giving them a competitive advantage over similar companies.

For further information on the Irinox Bakery Day System contact SKOPE.

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