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Edlyn has launched an enhanced range of delicious cake mix products with 20 per cent free on selected varieties. The enhancements have been made to an already existing range of products to provide more consistent performing cake mixes with improved flavor and texture. The improved range includes a carrot, chocolate, orange, classic sponge, utility and cheesecake mix all packaged within a durable and easy to store bag. To offer more value to the range Edlyn has added 20 per cent more product at no extra charge to a selection of the range providing users with even more reasons to purchase this great quality product at a super competitive price.Crisp pastry perfectionPremium frozen pastry manufacturer Ready Bake has developed an exciting new Tuile Wafer Mix. Once baked, this silky textured mix transforms into a sweet, crisp pastry that can be moulded to create a diverse range of shapes and sizes. This versatile mix can be used as a plated or buffet dessert base, and into garnishes. The Tuile Wafer mix is packaged in a twin pack of 1kg pails, which is functional in a food service kitchen. Simple, classy and cost effective – just scoop, bake, mould and serve! For more information contact Ready Bake. With a fantastic yield and home-style flavour, each product in this range will add great variety to your dessert menu.

Edlyn also offers a delicious muffin mix, scone mix and pancake mix within its foodservice bakery range. Contact Edlyn for more information.

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