Interchangeable Blades Impress Judges

ABP Atlas’ Rollmatic bread slicer wins Best New Bakery Product award at Fine Foods Australia.

A judging panel made up of pastry chefs Anna Polyviou and Pierrick Boyer, Phillippa’s head baker Andrew O’Hara and Baker D Chirico owner Daniel Chirico awarded ABP Atlas the top award on the second day of the show

The Rollmatic is a fully automatic bread slicer produced in a steel structure with base on wheel. It has adjustable advance speed of the belts, adjustable size guides on width, graduated belts height indicator, output table and loaf pusher for the last loaf.

The bread slicer impressed the judges with its interchangeable blades of varying thickness.

“This type of blade cartridge means you can slice bread or cakes from 8mm through to 30mm. The variable speed blades and in-feed belts also mean cutting soft or firm cake or bread is no longer a challenge,” said Andrew O’Hara.

Anna Polyviou from the Bathers’ Pavillion also acknowledged the machine’s innovative design.

“It’s stylish, strong and safe. With ergonomically designed controls, it’s also very user-friendly. And because the cartridge is stainless steel, it can be placed in the dishwasher, which is a help,” Anna said.

“It’s also designed for small-to-medium sized wholesale bakeries, which means it’s ideally suited to the Australian market.”

ABP Atlas national sales manager Steve Klepner said his team were elated to win the award.

“We feel very proud, especially for Rollmatic, our Italian partner, who has worked hard for more than five years to develop a new and innovative,” Steve said.

“To see an idea developed into a successful product, then be recognised by the industry means a great deal. It inspires us at Australian Bakery and Pizza to be adventurous and aggressive in developing new products and importing new ideas.”

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