Iconic Landsborough bakery changes hands

Iconic Landsborough bakery changes hands

It’s the end of an era, as after 26 years Landsborough-based bakery Bucks Bakery is set to change hands and come under the CJ’s Pastries banner.

According to Glasshouse Country & Maleny News, the current owners are heading into retirement.

CJ’s Pastries owner Darrin Wells told the publication the opportunity to purchase Bucks Bakery was a great opportunity, and although operations will remain the same for the time being the long term goal is to bring Buck’s into the CJ’s fold.

“Buck’s will become one of our CJ’s bakeries,” he said.

“The name will probably be changed in time, but not immediately.

“We are certainly having conversations with the Buck’s team, hoping that a great deal of them would like to come on board with us, knowing that they have been doing a very good job.

CJ’s Pastries currently has another retail store in the region, and although nothing has been finalised yet Mr Wells said the group would not be running both sites in the future.

Mr Well said the sale had presented CJ’s Pastries with a good opportunity to stake a larger claim in Landsborough.

“We are in a close vicinity in a smaller town, so the synergies of us taking over a site as well-known and as loved as Buck’s made some sense,” Mr Wells said.

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