Hordes queue for croissants despite strict lockdow...

Hordes queue for croissants despite strict lockdown

In Brisbane, hordes have been photographed queuing for croissants despite strict lockdown orders across Southeast Queensland, as Melbourne’s famous Lune Croissanterie opens its doors at the Fish Lane precinct.

Queensland’s Chief Health Officer Dr Jeannette Young yesterday pleaded with Queenslanders to stay at home and only go out for essentials when absolutely necessary, and urged them to consider what is actually essential.

“I just like people to reflect a little bit more about—is it essential?” she asked.

“Because last year I didn’t have any problems with Bunnings being open and people going and buying pot plants and doing some gardening but that was with previous variants.

“We just need to ramp it up. This is Delta. It’s so much more contagious that really we have just got to, as I say, ramp it up and really for the next five days think, ‘Do I really need to leave the house?'”

Well, she didn’t mention croissants, and it appears people very much consider the New York Times acclaimed pastries essential, with police even doing drive by checks to ensure fans were practising safe social distancing and wearing masks.

The first customer arrived at 5.30am for the store’s official opening at 7.30am, with the queue reportedly snaking 350m around the South Brisbane block at one point.

Co-owners of the Melbourne-based bakery, Kate and Cameron Reid were thrilled to open their first interstate store, despite the unfortunate lockdown circumstances, and were doing everything possible to ensure the opening was safe.

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