Hops, Yeasts And Sugars Combine At Brisbane Food F...

Hops, Yeasts And Sugars Combine At Brisbane Food Festival

Stout and coffee balls, smoked wagyu fat caramels and hops-infused marshmallows were among the beer-inspired samples as Brisbane’s Beerkary Bakery teamed up with local brewers.

The pop-up bakery took part in the Wandering Cooks’ Small Batch Brisbane event in November, a laneway festival that featured a wholesale trade show for industry, pop-up bars, food vendors and live music as part of wider G20 cultural celebrations.

The menu of savoury and sweet baked goods included a chocolate and crystal malt fudge cookie sandwich with caramelised white chocolate, and a Red ale and rye bread Smørrebrod sandwich, with all food teamed up with a local craft beer from Brewtal Brewers, The Scratch and Stone & Wood.

One of the beers on offer was even made out of Beerkary’s bread starter, with baker Yen Trinh hoping to, in turn, make bread from the same yeasts used in Brewtal Brewers’ beer brewing.

“After collaborating with Brewtal Brewers we came up with the Sourdough Culture beer, which is fermented with saison yeast. The beer was served with our sourdough doughnut, spiced custard honey and grain glaze, and a wholemeal spelt and ale bread open sandwich with grilled onion and aged cheddar,” she said.

“The most popular items of the night ended up being the Smørrebrods,” chef Ben Devlin said.

“The foodie crowd of Small Batch was a great place to showcase great cuts of meat that people might not usual see like a pastrami pork jowl and corned lamb tongue. It was also a chance to be a bit funny with puns and have a ‘tongue and cheek special’.”

To round out the year, Beerkary is hosting a final Christmas pop-up on December 21 at Green Beacon Brewing, Newstead, with a special hops-infusion of Christmas cake flavours by the brewers.

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