Gumnut Patisserie wins best neenish tart at Unique...

Gumnut Patisserie wins best neenish tart at Uniquely Aussie Awards

Two rows of neenish tarts from Gumnut Patisserie sit in a glass case (neenish tart)

The people’s choice Uniquely Aussie Awards have been run for the past five year by leading travel site

The Awards aim to inspire Aussies on their upcoming summer road trips; Wotif’s research confirms that 70% of all Aussies are planning to travel domestically this summer.

In their quest to celebrate all things Australian, the Awards look at various categories across industries.

Wotif managing director Daniel Finch said, “There’s plenty to love about Australia, whether it’s quirky baked goods or breathtaking hotel views, and every year the Wotif Uniquely Australian Awards prove just how much Aussies love sharing their local knowledge.”

He continued, “We know a third of Aussies think local recommendations are often the best recommendations, so, once again, we’ve done the very hard work of gathering up some of Australia’s best so travellers can get out there and explore what Australia has to offer this summer.”

Gumnut Patisserie was one of the favourites this year, winning the Best Neenish Tart at this year’s Awards.

Tracy Nickl, head pastrycook at Gumnut, said of the win, “It’s like all accolades, they’re a very pleasant thing, but I care about the smiles on faces. Our customers are like friends to us.”

Tracy Nickl

Tracy Nickl, head pastrycook at Gumnut Patisserie

He went on to describe Gumnut’s winning neenish tart.

“Our neenish tart is about the memory, the childhood memory of what you grandparents bought you. Ours is very classical. It’s got a very thin house-made pastry case, house-made raspberry jam, a buttercream that’s made with real butter, and then we hand-cut a neenish label for the top.”

Gumnut’s neenish tart is slightly different from the traditional tart, though.

Tracy explained, “Instead of using a chocolate fondant, we do a chocolate label—a neenish label out of chocolate. And it’s cut with a water-cut machine, which uses high pressure water to cut chocolate.”

Even though, according to Wotif research, 2 in 5 Aussies have never tried a neenish tart, those who have tried them find them to be absolutely incredible.

Tracy says that neenish tarts are a stalwart favourite for Gumnut customers.

“We get requests for neenish tarts all the time, we get pestered by clients who just love them.”

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