George Weston Sets Sights on High Protein Bread

George Weston Sets Sights on High Protein Bread

Baked goods manufacturer George Weston Foods has announced it is investing $2 million in developing and marketing high protein breads in New Zealand, in an attempt to add value to the white bread category.

The company is introducing Tip Top High Protein to its range of bread in New Zealand, which general manager NZ Mark Adam said has almost double the protein found in the brand’s Supersoft bred.

“Bread manufacturers have been bearing the brunt of the supermarket price war, with margins compressed by $1 bread offerings,” he said.

“Our response has been to invest in developing and marketing higher value products that will appeal to traditional white bread buyers and let them give their families something that’s better for them than $1 bread.

“In the next few months we will invest $1 million on better for you products, and a total of more than $2 million in the next couple of years, putting value back into a category that’s been hard hit.”

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