French épi ficelle Sheaves of wheat: Australian Pa...

French épi ficelle Sheaves of wheat: Australian Patisserie Academy

Similar to a baguette, but much thinner, this technique adds a creative twist to the traditional French stick. Bread and patisserie specialist at the Australian Patisserie Academy, Sarah Oxborough, shows Baking Business how to take a simple dough recipe and turn it into an impressive table centrepiece for a rustic, communal lunch or dinner.


Bakers flour 100 1.000
Water 65 0 .650
Fresh yeast 2.3 0 .023
Salt 2 0 .020


1. Add all the dry ingredients to the mixing bowl, then add the tempered water and mix on first speed for 3 minutes to hydrate the flour and combine all the ingredients.

2. Mix the dough on second speed until it is almost developed (approximately 3-4 minutes). Ideally the dough should have a finished temperature of 25°C.

3. Round the dough piece up and place it in a bowl to bulk ferment for 90 minutes. Cover the bowl with either a tea towel or cling wrap to ensure the dough does not form a skin. Halfway through the bulk ferment period, give the dough one fold by stretching the dough piece from the outer edges and folding it into the middle. This will help to reinforce the gluten network and also stimulate yeast activity.

4. After the bulk ferment, scale the dough into 300-350g pieces and pre-shape them into batards. Allow the dough pieces to rest for 15 minutes (covered).

5. Shape the dough pieces into a baguette and place them onto silicon paper lined proving boards (three per tray, to allow for expansion after cutting and baking).

Sarah Oxborough From Australian Patisserie Academy Making Dough

6. Once the dough has had its final proof (approximately 60 minutes at room temperature), dust the dough pieces lightly with flour. Using a pair of long nosed scissors, make 45° angle cuts into the dough at even intervals. As each cut is made, gently turn the ‘ear’ outwards, alternating to the left and right.

Sarah Oxborough Form Australian Patisserie Academy

7. Slide the paper off the boards and bake on the sole of the oven at 225°C-235°C with steam.


The Australian Patisserie Academy is a specialist training centre in Ryde, Sydney, offering courses in patisserie, chocolate, sugar artistry, cake design and decoration, and bread.

Programs provide culinary professionals, food enthusiasts or businesses in need of short-term training with the opportunity to further their skills and learn from experts in the field.

Whether you want to take your career to the next level and upgrade your skills, test the waters before committing to a full qualification or simply follow your passion for patisserie, the Australian Patisserie Academy has a course that will fulfil your needs. Visit for more information.

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