Edikio price tag solutions: an even easier way to ...

Edikio price tag solutions: an even easier way to create your price tags

Interactcard signs can make all the difference. Pictured is a fine pastry display case filled with colourful pastries. In front of each line of pastries is a black card with white writing showing the name and price of each pastry.

Besides providing great customer service and a welcoming environment, the design of your product price cards helps to provide a visually pleasing and engaging experience with the customer. A well-designed price cards helps customers make well informed purchase and drives up retail sales. It also allow you to create a unique and strong brand consistency.

Every visual display used in your store contributes to a customer’s overall impression of your shop, including interior design choices, window displays and signage. By matching your price card designs to your store design, you can improve the customer experience by creating better synergy between your different in-store marketing materials, telling customers that you have strong brand consistency.

Your store’s price card designs should work together with your overall visual merchandising strategy to deliver a positive experience for shoppers. Regardless of your product offerings or thematic design choices, consider how you can improve the way your customers see your store through effective price card designs.

Designed and manufactured in France, Edikio Price Tag Solution allows you the flexibility to design and print attractive labels/price cards on-demand and in the comfort of your establishment.


A triple chocolate tart sits  on a plate. In front of it is a black tag with white writing displaying the name an price of the tart.

Image: Interactcard

Attractive showcasing
Price tags to make your labelling consistent, distinct, clean and give your displays and bread racks a professional look.
Design your own tags to feature your brand logo, product type, ingredients, price and country of origin percentage.
You can also include allergen information and QR codes to online content that further promote your brand.
Visibility and hygiene:
The credit card format is an ideal size to highlight your products on your display stands. Very easy to clean, PVC cards are resistant to cold and moisture. Evolis offers a whole range of consumables and accessories dedicated for use in
the baking industry, as well as food price tag stands and card holders. Price tags can also withstand temperatures up to 60 degrees Celsius, making them suitable for warming cabinets.
Compliance with the applicable regulations:
The tags can be easily customised to show all mandatory information as well as the details customers want about allergens, the origin of the ingredients and any other requirements that should be available for the consumers’ information.
Print your own tags at your store in about 15 seconds, on demand. Any business that uses laminates their price tags will recover many hours of production by switching to the Edikio price tag solution.
Enhanced store aesthetic:
Strengthen your point of sale and differentiate yourself with professional and elegant labelling. Personalise your presentation tags with your logo and graphic elements of your choice for consistent branding.
All Edikio solutions are comprised of card design software, a card printer, blank plastic cards and a print ribbon, enabling cards to be printed quickly and independently onto a plastic card. Price tags can thus be created at any time, directly at the point of sale, individually or in batches.
The software, unique in the market, is the only one dedicated to price management and printing of price tags on plastic cards and has been specially designed for food professionals.
All versions of the software are simple to use, customisable and allow the import of price data via an Excel file. The most advanced version of the software, Edikio Pro (available with the Edikio Duplex solution), is able to manage multi-user rights, a requirement of most large food retail outlets.
Over 27,000 establishments are already using Edikio’s labelling solutions. Why not join them?

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