Dust Debuts at Tramsheds

The Harold Park Tramsheds is a hip-and-happening new foodie destination for Sydney, and we’re particularly excited that new bread and pizza makers DUST are on the vendors list.

DUST offers breakfast, lunch and dinner menus, driven by the site’s giant wood-fired oven. On offer is a selection of bread, schiacciata, slow-fermented wood-fired pizzas and cakes and pastries.

Boasting an onsite stone mill hand-made in Austria and nicknamed Heidi, third-generation baker Cesare Salemi and his team grind the bakery’s flour themselves and are sourcing the wholegrains from local farms.

“No commercial standard roller mill flour will be used in anything we make,” Cesare said.

“We gently mix, slow ferment and bake the breads. We have sourced a heritage grain that dates back pre-1960s and will make that grain into an authentic wood-fired bread, which will be our signature bread.

“We are all about quality and ensure we are involved in every step – from sourcing grains to delivering the finished product. We want to bring the story of baking to our offering, so the whole process will happen onsite in full view of the public.”

The new foodie destination Tramsheds was made possible through a restoration of Rozelle Tramway Depot, and now showcases a band of providores who share the same vision – a love of food, education and community.

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