Andy Bowdy Pastry Café Coming To Enmore

Andy Bowdy Pastry Café Coming To Enmore

Andrew Bowden, the mastermind behind Andy Bowdy Pastry is opening a café in Enmore, NSW, in November, after huge success with his spectacular cakes, giant pies, overloaded soft serves, and famous peanut butter sundae.

His first solo eatery, which is yet to be named, will be run with his partner Maddison Howes, who will look after the front of the house, and has the arduous task of being ‘chief taster’.

Andy told Goodfood he’ll be doing a small variety of pastries which will change often, as well as down-sized versions of the mega pies he made at previous workplace Hartsyard. He’s also looking put his own spin on Australian bakery classics such as the good old’ vanilla slice and neenish tart.

The new café has a liquor license as well, with the possibility of opening on Friday and Saturday nights as a dessert bar later down the track.

Although Andy’s known for his sweet treats of Bowdy Pastry, he’s keen to put some savory items on the menu as well.

“I’m thinking American deli-style sandwiches – and not in the Reuben way,” he told Goodfood.

“I’ve got a breakfast sandwich that will blow people’s minds.”

Maddison has a background in cafes and will be in charge of the drinks such as tea, coffee, and shakes. They’re looking at scaling back from the popular ‘freak shakes’ that have popped up in the past few years to focus on flavour. There’s even talk of an alcoholic shake being put on the menu.

Check out Andrew Bowden’s Instagram for progress and pop-ups @andybowdy.

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