Dröm opens up in Melbourne

Shopfront of Dröm

A new bakery, Dröm, opened in Bayswater, Melbourne, last month to a very positive reception from the Melbourne public. The bakery has quickly become popular (in real life and on social media, especially TikTok) for its perfectly crescent-shaped croissants.

The bakery was born out of the COVID baking pursuits of The Hatter & The Hare, a café that is also located in Bayswater.

“We started making bread, pies, and pastries at our café next door (The Hatter & The Hare) during lockdown, and it was just a hit; we’ve had to stop making them there now, but we just kept getting people asking for it,” manager Becky Buada told Urban List.

Dröm (which means ‘dream’ in Luxembourgish) was inspired by the early-morning work that most bakers must do in order to get their products ready for sale while their customers are still in bed – dreaming.

“Our goal is to satisfy your bread and pastry needs once you all wake up from your sleep,” the brand explained in a social media post.

And this is what the bakery has been doing since it opened at the beginning of last month.

Something that has seen Dröm gain a lot of popularity online is its crescent-shaped croissants, which are so aesthetically pleasing that they have grabbed the attention of TikTok.

“The main inspiration for the ‘lunar’ style of our croissants was from our bakers working through the night and early morning under the moonlight, we wanted to showcase this concept into our pastries,” said Becky.

Dröm operates on a take away only basis, but this may be set to change as they look at expanding into the future.

“We’re even looking at offering cake training, but that’ll be down the line. We want to focus on just opening the bakery first,” said Becky.

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