Craftsmanship Key In Royal Adelaide Show Competiti...

Craftsmanship Key In Royal Adelaide Show Competition

This year saw 275 entries over 23 categories, including Artisanal Style Bread, Decorated Novelty Cake and Best Apprentice/Trainee.

The 2012 Royal Adelaide Show Professional Baking Competition was held in September at its new home within the Jubilee Pavilion.

Professional judges from across the country joined celebrity judge Brenton Ragless to award the best of South Australia’s bakery products. Brenton, from Channel 9 Adelaide, enthusiastically chomped his way through 16 entries, awarding first place for the Best Bakery Lunch category to Orange Spot Bakery.

Part-owner of Adelaide’s Bagel Boys Bakery Martin MacLennan has judged in the show’s bakery section for two decades.

“It’s a privilege to appraise a person’s pride in the presentation of their products, and see the improvement in quality from one year to the next,” Martin said.

“We carefully inspect visually and for flavour, and award points for craftsmanship, involving all components.”

As convenor of the competition, Laucke Flour Mills would like to congratulate all winners.

“We would like to thank all participants, judges and administrators, and encourage all South Australian consumers to support these award winning bakeries,” Laucke Flour Mills managing director Mark Laucke said.

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