Cafe owner left speechless after $750 cash gift

Cafe owner left speechless after $750 cash gift

The owner of a Melbourne cafe was left speechless recently after receiving a $750 cash gift.

Pierre Patole of The Timbuktu Cafe opened on April 24 to find a very generous customer had slipped a note along with a fistful of $50 notes under the door. The note read:

“Hello Pierre,

“Because we have an income of less than $80,000/year we qualify for the Commonwealth Seniors healthcare card and as such have just received $750 each from the Govt,” reads the letter, which Patole posted on Facebook.

“We pay no tax as our income is from superannuation pension. The government says the $750 is for us to spend to help the economy.

“I need nothing that I can think of to spend it on and have through that I would like to donate it to your business Pierre – you are certainly part of the economy and we very much admire your efforts to create a wonderful new family focused business. Plus your ever smiling welcome despite these hard times – it helps us all.”
Having opened the cafe just four months before COVID-19 restrictions hit, Pierre was clearly touched by the generous gesture.
“I found this under our door when I opened the cafe,” he wrote in a Facebook post alongside a picture of the note and money.
“No name. Whoever you are, thank you so much.
“Lost for words.”
Whoever left the lovely gift is sure to have seen Pierre’s thank-you, with the post quickly going viral and receiving thousands of likes, shares, and comments.

He told he was moved by the gesture and how welcoming the local community had been since he opened the cafe.

“I was very touched, not only for the amount of money but also by the beautiful letter,” he said.

“As all cafes, we are doing take away only for both food and beverage, so we are roughly down 60 to 50 per cent less takings.”

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