Beef prices soar as cattle numbers dwindle

Beef prices soar as cattle numbers dwindle

The Beef prices soar as cattle of Australian beef and cattle is set to soar for the next two years as Australia’s stock numbers hit a 20-year low, according to Inside FMCG.

The last quarterly update from Meat and Livestock Australia (MLA) says the national herd number has decreased by approximately
3 million, with herd numbers in western Queensland and NSW shrinking by up to 40 per cent.

Slaughter rates have decreased significantly, which is expected to ensure more calves are born next year, with increased beef production to follow in 2018.

MLA market information manager Ben Thomas told Inside FMCG in the meantime, there will be extremely tough competition for the limited numbers available.

Above-average carcass weight is expected to soften the blow to beef production, as is low grain Beef prices soar as cattle worldwide.

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