Bakery-brewery collab pairs doughnuts with beer

Bakery-brewery collab pairs doughnuts with beer

Warnambool bakery Jane Dough has teamed up with Noodledoof Brewing Co at nearby Koroit to offer customers specially-created doughnuts to match the brewery’s flavoured sour beers.

Jane Dough owner Will Jane said the special promotion helped both businesses through the hurdles of Victoria’s strict COVID-19 lockdowns, offering their customers a unique product for Friday deliveries in the district, which they’ve loved.

“They’ve got a pretty good following and we’ve got a pretty good following,” Will said of the brewery.

“We’re two kind of like-minded businesses and our customer based is fairly similar, so the two businesses joining up works well in terms of the target demographic.”

Often inspired by locally-grown, seasonal produce, the flavour releases are unexpected and creative, and have included Orange Sherbet Sour beer with Sherbet Bomb doughnuts (blood orange curd filling rolled in blood orange sherbet with freeze-dried strawberry powder dust) and Blackberry Swirl Sour beer and doughnut (white chocolate buttercream and blackberry purée filling, vanilla/blackberry swirl glaze, white chocolate rings), among others.

“It’ll either be me or them to come up with the flavour profile, and then we just work towards making it happen,” Will said.

“They’re pretty creative—they’ve made vodka from local potatoes, and another flavour we did was strawberry and rhubarb. All of that kind of stuff grows around here.”

Drunken doughnuts aren’t the only big things happening at Jane Dough right now—they bakery is preparing to move premises into a new collaborative warehouse with local caffeine dealers, Piccolo Coffee Roasters.

“It’s been happening for a little while in terms of planning,” Will said.

“We’re moving locations, probably just after the new year, into a big warehouse just off the main highway in town.

“Piccolo have headed up the project, expanding their roasting into the warehouse. They’re putting in a café, and then we’re going to have our bakery at the front.”

At the time of writing, permits had just been approved and fit-out of the new space set to start.

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