Australian Juniors Italy-Bound

New South Wales students are busily preparing for the Junior World Pastry Cup in Rimini.

TAFE NSW students Grant Corfield and Angela McCauley, along with their team manager Scott Astley, have been in training for eight months to prepare for the January Junior World Pastry Cup, which will be held in Rimini, Italy.

Scott said it was the first time TAFE NSW had taken a team overseas to compete in the demanding event.

“At the competition the team will have to make a chocolate showpiece, a sugar showpiece, 60 pralines, 20 desserts to be served in a glass, three log-shaped gateaux’s and 20 gelato sticks,” Scott said.

“Because it is the first time we have competed in the Junior World Pastry Cup, I selected students from the Sydney institute who had already competed in Bake Skills – so they already have some competition experience.”

With the theme of the competition being ‘circus of the future’, the team are perfecting the design of their chocolate sculpture to ensure it will be both fun and fresh.

“As far as the chocolate sculpture goes there will be three different chocolates and six different flavours,” Scott explained.

“We’re quietly confident, I’m not expecting the team to finish in the top three because there are a lot of countries with a lot of financial backing in the competition, but I’d be happy with a top five finish.

“After all, this is the first time we have competed in the event.”

After the competition, which will be held on January 19-20, 2013, the team will then head to Lyon, France, to cheer on the Australian World Cup Pastry team.

“It definitely is a once-in-a-lifetime trip. The two students are 23 and won’t be able to compete again in the juniors,” Scott said.

“And especially to then see the national team in action, and get the opportunity to talk to international chefs, it will be great!”

The junior team has received some funding to put towards the expenses of the competition, however they are still looking for further sponsorship for the team.

For further information about sponsorship contact Ken Train from TAFE NSW.

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